Saturday, March 11

Arbitrary Decisions

Okay, I'm cutting the "Fantasy Value" section from the rest of my team capsules. Why? Well, for one, most of the "more information" links talk about possible fantasy values in the first place. Beyond that, though, I don't like the way they flow. It just seems a little choppy to me, not to mention that - at least in my head, the way I see things, I'm basically rehashing what I've already said during the slightly more in-depth preview sections right above it anyway. If there's some major reason to keep that section in, let me know, but for now, I'm gonna toss it. There should be enough information on my thoughts in the regular section (and in writing all these down, I have yet to really make a new insight in the value section anyway).

On a slightly more interesting note, I've also decided to take on the project of evaluating the effectiveness of each team's middle relief corps. I figure that I don't know them very well to begin with, so by doing this, I get to understand them more. Plus, they're kind of neglected (and to boot, I don't know of anywhere that's doing this sort of thing). It won't slow me down that much from my original massive plan, actually - since I'm doing the research already, I just spend a few more minutes on that section - but I'll have to go back and do the other teams I've already finished at some point. Oh well, no big deal.