Sunday, September 3

College Football - my week 1 rankings

Considering games through [edit] 9/3/06

My Top 25

1. Texas - call me biased, I thought they were the only team that showed no weaknesses... though we know, a rookie QB will be a weakness against better competition. Besides, USC got to start off ranked #1 when their title defense began ;-)

2. LSU - I was sold on this team after they pummelled Miami in the bowls. Strong in all aspects of the game, but an unforgiving schedule that includes Auburn, Florida, and Tennessee all on the road. The SEC will cannibalize themselves this year... just too many good teams, and a conference championship game on top of that.

3. Ohio State - The most explosive offense in the country. Still some questions about the defense, and the kicking game may be a problem.

4. USC - The offense doesn't appear to have lost much from last season... amazing job of reloading. Defense will still be a question in the big games.

5. Auburn - In their first game, they lived up to the preseason hype with an impressive win against a BCS conference opponent. Fortunately their schedule is a little nicer than LSU's, as they face LSU, Florida, and Georgia at home.

6. West Virginia - The offense is firing on all cylinders. The schedule is right for a path to the BCS championship. But in a hypothetical vs another top 10 team, how would the 3-3-5 stack fare against a top grade offense?

7. Georgia - Tough to judge if a team is really top 10-worthy when they faced a non-div IA opponent. But Georgia looked very good. Luckily I tend to have more flexible rankings than the voters whose votes count ;-)

8. Tennessee - Just wtfpwned Cal. As someone who had predicted the upset, even I was still surprised by the easy of this victory. I hate that they impressed me so much.

9. Florida State - by default

10. Miami - by default

11. Notre Dame - One has to think the offense will get better. The next two weeks will tell. They don't deserve to be in the top 5, but look for the AP to move them to #1... (I say this only half-sarcastically)

12. Florida - Not a bad opening performance. What sucks for them is that they play 5 teams currently in my top ten. Regardless of what the computers say, this team probably faces the toughest schedule in the nation.

13. Nebraska - The offense continues to improve, and the front seven look solid. We'll see about the secondary and how the running game fares against Big 12 defenses.

14. Michigan - Great defense, strong running game. Henne needs to regain his 2004 form if they want to crack the top ten and challenge for the Big Ten title.

15. Va Tech - The quarterback question went well in week 1. Dominant defense, and the special teams blocked a punt.

16. Lousiville - The offense rolled like a juggernaut and the defense did their job. Granted, Kentucky has been one of the worst teams in the NCAA in recent seasons. The loss of Bush drops the team, but not out of the top 25.

17. Oklahoma - AD alone makes this team a threat. But once again, he may be all they have going for them. The defense should at least come closer to expectations in future weeks.

18. Oregon - Maybe the second-best offense in the Pac 10, and at this point definitely the team most likely to challenge USC for the conference title.

19. Texas Tech - They look to be about as strong as last year's squad.

20. Iowa - I'm tempted to put them higher, but Iowa has a habit of not playing up to expectations for the entire season.

21. Clemson - Again, tough to really say given their competition.

22. Penn State - I'd like to have seen a little better performance against Akron.

23. Cal - They looked more like the #23 team taking on the #9.

24. Wisconsin - Stocco's a good QB, and the running game looked decent.

25. UCLA - I got nothing, but Alabama and ASU are not deserving of a top 25 spot after their performances. I refuse to rank TCU unless they can defeat Texas Tech.