Tuesday, December 18

The Preview of the Previews

So if anyone was actually around here reading my 17,000 word dissertations on the early bowls last year - which lasted all the way through the New Mexico Bowl for reasons I don't get myself - we made a joint decision to not do all the bowl previews with one person. What's happening this time around is that James and I are splitting the teams up and doing gameplans for each one. This'll make sense once you see it; if you've ever seen the gameplans on espn.com, think like that only with actual competent people.

The goal is to provide previews for all the bowls, so stay tuned. The unofficial goal: write 15,000 words on the BCS Championship Game. (Since I drew Ohio State, this leaves me in the less-than-enviable position of finding 500 ways to say "keep the ball out of Boeckman's hands", but them's the breaks. Sorry, Russ.)