Monday, January 7

NC Game in review

Boeckman played poorly the last few weeks of the season, pretty a much a non-factor in the Illinois and Michigan games. All season long I have mentioned that Boeckman, as much of a technician at QB that he is, has had problems underthrowing long balls and throwing off his back foot. His lack of vision was key to this game... 2 fumbles and 2 interceptions is not a championship quarterback.

On the other hand, the #1 defense did fairly well, except for the number of PERSONAL FOUL penalties up to and including the vital roughing the kicker penalty to start the second half. Right afterwards Heyward was called for an unsportsmanlike conduct, which led to LSU's touchdown that put them ahead 2 touchdowns.

OSU beat themselves as much as LSU beat them. Looking purely at the box score, you will see that both teams put up pretty good numbers and the defenses held each other to a pretty fair yardage. However, the turnovers show the key - 3 for OSU and 1 for LSU - and the difference is the difference in the game score.

Watching today's game, I would have to say that USC and Georgia would have a fair chance at beating LSU... and it's too bad that those two teams didn't get a chance at the championship like 2-loss LSU did.

BCS Conference records in Bowl Games:
SEC 7-2
Big 10 3-5
Big 12 5-3
Pac 10 4-2
Big East 3-2
ACC 2-6

Big 10 and SEC had the most direct matchups in which SEC is 2-1, in which the statement win being the NC game. Tennessee/Wisconsin was really close, and Michigan pulled it out against Florida. Is the SEC the best conference? By their bowl record, I would say yes. I still think, however, that you can see parity in all the conferences becoming clearer and that it is now coming down to any given Saturday.

Congrats to the Bayou Bengals!

A complete season in review to come after some time mulling our horrendous loss.