Tuesday, February 14

Starting out with a Whimper

So. What on earth makes this blog worthwhile, huh? What makes it better than the rest? Well, in short, there's nothing that entirely stands out. This is a sports blog, pure and simple. About 90% of the posts will fall under baseball and college football. I'll probably hit some college basketball too while it's in season, and if I can get the time to watch any games. The rest will hit all over the sports map, but I largely expect everything from April to August to be about baseball. In short, we'll see.

What's coming up on this? Well, I plan on doing short capsules of all the major league teams heading into Opening Day. Ideally, I'll get them all done by then, but that requires a major time investment, and as of now, I'm only one person. If someone would be willing to help with this, that'd be awesome. If not, well, I can do the work myself (I'd learn more that way, anyway).

Anyway, enjoy!