Thursday, October 18

UPSET Picks for this week:

1 - Florida at Kentucky - Kentucky finally pulled off the upset of LSU that Florida was unable to do in Baton Rouge. However, Florida has Kentucky's number in the past decade, and regardless on Andre Woodson this game is a tossup. Every good quarterback this year has shown their Jekyll and Hyde - could this be it for Florida's Tim Tebow? With 2 big losses they are out of the title race, however with one more loss they are essentially out of the SEC race as well.

2 - Alabama at Tennessee - There's always the Saban factor. People continue to say that Saban is overrated, but take a look at what he has done with the team which has 0 of his own recruits. Bama was stuck in mediocrity for the past few years, and this year they came to legitimacy with motivation and inspiration. Just think of what they will be able to do with Saban's recruiting. It is because of this factor that I think Bama could win almost any game against a very competitive SEC.

3 - Michigan at Illinois - the former has come on strong the past 5 weeks, and this will be their second major test in the Big 10. Illinois lost a heartbreaker last week, and Zook and crew are looking to right the ship and get back into the Top 25. They are a legitimate team and need another signature win like Wisconsin to get back into the game.

4 - Kansas at Colorado - I'm banking on Colorado to have another upset game. They have a decent defense if they make the plays on the field, which they have at times and at other times they have not. Although it will be another year or two before they really come together offensively, I think this team has enough grit to pull it out on Folsom Field.