Wednesday, March 14

One Guy Turbo-Previews the East Division

We've been through this once already. Let's continue on, shall we?

1st Round Outs
(16) Eastern Kentucky, (15) Belmont, (13) New Mexico St., (11) George Washington
Thanks for playing! Enjoy your complimentary tournament gear, and we'll see you next year.

(10) Texas Tech
Eliminated under the little-known "no way in hell am I picking a subpar team coached by Bob Knight" clause.

(8) Marquette

(5) USC, (3) Washington St.
Know how one region always gets blown to hell in the first round, only to look normal by the Sweet 16? Here you are. Arkansas's not very good, but USC left skidmarks going in reverse so far - plus they weren't great. Washington St. plays at a snail's pace, which will play to Oral Roberts' strength. Plus, ORU has the whole veteran leadership thing.

But really, I just wanted to see if you were paying attention and demonstrate my obvious East Coast Bias. (~!)

2nd Round Outs
(14) Oral Roberts, (12) Arkansas
Thanks for blowing a bunch of people's brackets up! Here's your reward - bounced by Vandy and Texas, respectively.

(7) Boston College, (9) Michigan State
This may turn out to be the simplest Sweet 16 prediction.

Out in Sweet 16
(6) Vanderbilt
Doesn't have the horses to hang with Georgetown for 40 minutes - they're a solid team, but that won't get you too much further in the tourney at this point.

(4) Texas
The UNC / Texas game is the toughest for me (and a bunch of other people) to predict. However, I'm going to say this game will unfold very much like the Texas / Kansas game did last Sunday (and on the 2nd of March). I could very well be wrong about this - if I am, that'll be how the next game unfolds.

Just Missing the Final Four
(1) UNC
I have no real reason for this; it's not like I have this giant crush on all things Georgetown. I just don't think UNC can do it - maybe they're worn out from playing Texas, maybe Hansbrough can't go with his mask, maybe Roy Williams turns into a 6-foot chicken on the sidelines. Really, I don't know how Georgetown will get by here .... I just think they will.

From the East: (2) Georgetown