Wednesday, March 14

One Guy Turbo-Previews the Final Four

First off, check out the regional previews if you haven't yet: South, East, Midwest, and West.

Our F4 participants:
South - (1) Ohio State
East - (2) Georgetown
Midwest - (1) Florida
West - (2) UCLA

Out at F4:
(2) Georgetown, (1) Florida
I can't pick a repeat champion, which is why I have to bounce Florida here. It's nothing personal. Also, I don't think Georgetown can handle Oden inside and Conley outside, although the Hoyas do have a strong guard presence.

Just Missing the Title
(1) Ohio State
Two rules in play here:
1 - the trendy pick never wins the title, it seems
2 - it's not like UCLA has an inside presence for Oden to shut down
In addition, remember that UCLA bit it to lose their 1 seed, so it's not like it should be too surprising here.

Your (more than likely not) National Champion: (2) UCLA