Wednesday, March 14

One Guy Turbo-Previews the Midwest Division

I'm on a roll. Why stop now? (Because nobody cares?) Shut up, I didn't ask you.

1st Round Outs
(16) Jackson St., (15) Texas A&M Corpus Christi, (14) Miami (OH), (10) Georgia Tech
To be fair, one of these teams is not like the rest (one of these teams is different. I'm loving the parentheticals today). Georgia Tech just got screwed by going up against an underseeded UNLV team.

(9) Purdue, (6) Notre Dame, (13) Davidson
All charter members of the "let's keep it close so it doesn't look like as much of a blowout" club. Oddly enough, Davidson may have the best shot of a victory out of these guys.

(5) Butler
A runaway winner of the "trendy 5-12 upset pick". Since this blog is all about the trend of not updating in any sort of consistent manner, it'd make total sense to go along with yet another trend. Viva la groupthink!

2nd Round Outs
(12) Old Dominion, (8) Arizona
Either a) not going to happen, period or b) too inconsistent on a night-to-night basis. They have the talent to pull off the upsets, but I don't think they'll happen. It should be noted I'm having a hard time picking winners in this division anywhere.

(2) Wisconsin, (3) Oregon
And this is the bracket that gets blown to hell for the Sweet 16. And no, I didn't actually predict both those upsets in mine, opting to say Oregon beat Winthrop so I could not have my bracket blown to shit by the end of the second round. But if these happen, you read it here first. Both of you.

Sweet 16 Outs
(11) Winthrop, (4) Maryland
This will be Florida's toughest game en route to Atlanta, and ...well, someone's gotta win the UNLV/Winthrop matchup. It's not like they can both be eliminated.

Just Missing the Final Four
(7) UNLV
You know how you pick winners just based on matchups, and then you end up with something weird like half your bracket looking like ass come the Sweet 16 so you have to pick the favorite to make the Final Four so you don't feel like as much of an idiot, only it takes you two rounds to clear out all the deadwood? Yeah, that's this pick.

Out of the Midwest: (1) Florida