Thursday, May 22

The Big East Gets No Respect

From here:

West Virginia's upset might have been the defining moment for the new Big East. It gave the seven-team league instant credibility --arguably its biggest victory of all.

The Big East standings at the end of last year:
Big East Conf All
West Virginia (6) 5-2 11-2
Connecticut 5-2 9-4
Cincinnati (17) 4-3 10-3
South Florida 4-3 9-4
Louisville 3-4 6-6
Rutgers 3-4 8-5
Pittsburgh 3-4 5-7
Syracuse 1-6 2-10

I mean, Syracuse has sucked pretty hard, but last I checked they were still in the Big East.

EDIT: Apparently the Big East had 7 teams in 2004; however, that line was from the 2005 season, so ....still no credit.