Wednesday, May 7

It's time?

So Chris Needham over at Capitol Punishment signed off today, and good for him for doing so. I'm not going to lie - about 60% of the reason I stopped writing about the Nationals was due to him blowing me out of the water with both a) information and content and b) frequency. Lord knows this blog isn't updated often enough anyway when it's not college football season - and it took 2 years until that happened!

I can't even blame not being close enough to follow the Nats anymore; thanks to what some people would call a minor miracle, I ended up in DC - and I've been to a few games to boot. Hell, I've even been to the new stadium (nothing like a view of the Capitol parking garage). I just haven't had a whole lot to say here; maybe it's because I haven't thought about it. Maybe it's because I haven't cared to put proverbial pen to paper in months and/or years when it comes to baseball - I had too many other outlets. (Well, have too many other outlets.)

Either way, I should probably start writing about baseball again, although on some level it doesn't matter; people will just be confused when they come back in a few months and find something that's not college football anyway.