Thursday, May 22

The Top Ten BCS Champions... if the Championship was Awarded the Day Before the Game

In light of the amazing BCS 10-Year Anniversary Analysis going on at, we're dedicated to bringing you, dear readers, the same level of quality right here. This top ten list in fact is the work of two of our writers, myself and Chris. Enjoy what the media had to say about the #1 team in the country on championship eve.

The Top Ten BCS Champions... if the Championship was Awarded the Day Before the Game

1 - USC '05
Everyone knew it would be an epic game. Except for that one guy - I forget who to be honest. But he's just certain that there was no way USC could win. A college team will never be better than a pro team, not even the lowly Houston Texans. Nevermind that USC is actually going to face the University of Texas for the BCS championship, not a spinoff of the old Chicago All-Star Game. A matchup of the best team the NCAA has ever seen against the team who had just won the so-called Reggie Bush sweepstakes is far more interesting to ponder than the obvious eventual champions going 11-on-1 against the Heisman runner-up. Hey for that matter, how's USC match up against the 95 Cornhuskers?

2 - Miami '02
They were champions the year before. Should have been champions the year before that. Hey, it's the late 80s all over again! Miami's scoring points about on pace as last season, and the defense is every bit as... yeah like I said, they're scoring point about on pace as last season. Meanwhile look at Ohio State, winning games something like 6-3 or 7-6. What are they playing, tennis?

3 - Miami '01
You can't stop them, you can't score on them. Most drives you can't even get a first down. They were pissed off about last year, and your ass is going to pay for it.

4 - USC '04
They were clearly the best team the year before, and it's clear that they are the second-most talented team in the NCAA this season but with God's other son as head coach. How else do you explain all of the second-half comebacks?

5 - Ohio State '06
The Buckeyes have an unstoppable offense led by dual-threat Troy Smith, speedsters Ted Ginn and Santonio Holmes, and a deadly backfield featuring Antonio Pittman. The defense has no weakness whatsoever, especially not stopping a pathetic short spread passing game.

6 - FSU '99
Blitz on every play. There's no room to run and there's no time to pass. Like the crane kick... if do right, no can offense!

7 - USC '03
There is no way USC would lose to LSU or Oklahoma. No way that a team who had already lost a game to a mediocre team could possibly lose to a top 3 team.

8 - Oklahoma '00
To be honest, with how close their last few games have been, ol Bobby Bowden's squad'll probably pull the upset. But, I guess they are unbeaten...

9 - Tennessee '98
Stoerner really shouldn't have fumbled that ball. If their opponent wasn't down to their second-string QB, they'd get killed. Still, that bounce did go their way...

10 - Ohio State '07
The Bucks scraped by by virtue of playing in the sorriest conference and scheduling a bunch of nonconference teams who'd go .500 in high school play. They don't deserve the top spot and are going to get killed by the SEC champion or USC, whomever they end up facing. Let's vote em #1, regardless.