Tuesday, November 4

GOBAMA does not mean Rolll Tahhhde!

Ordinarily, political advertising bugs the shit out of me. The extreme drama, deliberately misleading statements, the focus on completely irrelevent side issues. The not-so-subtle implications that if I don't vote to increase ethanol subsidies by 8.5% instead of the scheduled eight-and-a-quarter, terrorists will bomb us and we'll be flooded by melting ice caps. Truth be told, the best part about November 5th is that people will finally leave me the fuck alone. Next weekend I'll finally be able to cheer for Oklahoma State to push Texas towards an improbable title berth without the constant reminder that 97% of the people who run this country are, in fact, tools.

But here's one political ad we'd love to see here at LFB:

Voiceover is done by this guy because, christ, his tone by itself makes it sound like this one ammendment is going to start the economic apocalypse. (Also, I've also seen this ad, seriously, 50 times already. And the only TV I even watch is college football.)


[starts off with highlight reel of 1994 Nebraska & Penn State, 1996 Florida & Ohio State, eerie background music hits a climax and we're looking at 1997 Nebraska & Michigan]

Ten years ago, we were promised an end of the postseason charade and champion-by-popularity system. What happened to that promise?

[highlights of 2000 Miami beating Florida State followed by FSU failing to score an offensive point in the Orange Bowl, 2001 Nebraska getting destroyed by Colorado then getting destroyed by Miami, 2003 USC shutting down Michigan, consecutive highlights of Jason White throwing off his back foot and getting intercepted by 2003 LSU and 2004 USC]

They said that a new formula would fix everything.

[highlights of 2006 Florida and 2007 LSU routing Ohio State]

What they don't tell you is that the BCS has special rules giving favorable treatment to the Big Ten and the Rose Bowl

[highlights of 2007 Illinois getting annihilated by USC]

and even more favorable treatment and larger payouts to Notre Dame...

[highlights of Brady Quinn sacks and turnovers against 2005 Ohio State and 2006 LSU]

larger payments, even when they don't qualify for a bowl game.

[highlights of pretty much anything from the 2007 Notre Dame season]

Jim Delany and his fat cat friends make a fortune off this system, but who pays for it?

[random shots of fans from various stadiums, slow shot of 2004 Auburn raising a banner reading 13-0, SEC Champions]

Small-market teams and you, the fans.

[changes to a shot of Barack Obama on Monday Night Football, 11/3/08]

"I think it is about time that we had playoffs in college football. I’m fed up with these computer rankings and this and that and the other. Get eight teams — the top eight teams right at the end. You got a playoff. Decide on a national champion."

Now Jim Delany and the BCS powers want another ten years of postseason debacles. But you have a choice. Tell Jim Delany to go fuck himself. The BCS: too shitty for college football.

(Don't Cry Out Loud Political Action Committee is responsible for the content of this advertisement.)


If you're still undecided after that ad, you might as well write in Lou Holtz.

and factcheck: http://blogs.nfl.com/2008/11/03/obama-favors-college-football-playoff/