Saturday, November 8

SEC Week 11 Games: Saban Bowl!

Well, last week pretty much defined a hierarchy among the SEC’s top four; the last question we have is whether or not Florida is better than Alabama, and we’ll get that question answered in …oh, 4 weeks or so. Five, if I’m doing the math wrong. Other than that, Ole Miss opened up a little bit of separation in the second-third tier and made some headway on LSU, South Carolina pretty much nailed down third place in the SEC East, and everyone else may or may not a whole barrel of suck. Also, Arkansas won a game – what the hell?

UT-Martin @ Auburn

Well, this should be a win for Auburn, right? If this was UL-Monroe I’d be a little concerned, but even the clanky, broken-down offense currently up in blocks in Jordan-Hare Stadium, the Tigers should be able to push it around enough to squeak out a win here. That being said, it’ll still likely come down to the defense.

Wyoming @ Tennessee

Let’s get the clunkers out of the way; first off, be glad this game is only available on PPV, as nobody would pay money to watch orange, yellow, brown, and white all on the same field (unless you’re a fan of the 70’s era Vancouver Canucks one-piece jerseys). While you’re wondering if you took a time trip back to the ‘70’s, can you tell the decade to take Tennessee’s offense back, please? We’re done with it here, thanks.

Arkansas @ South Carolina

South Carolina should roll here, especially since there’s not a whole lot of difference between Arkansas and Tennessee on offense. As usual, the margin of victory depends on how effective South Carolina is on offense, but unlike last week, don’t expect tUSC to die out in the red zone time and time again (thanks, Tulsa).

Georgia @ Kentucky

Remember how Kentucky played Alabama close? It’ll be kind of like that, except don’t expect Kentucky to score as much as they did in that game; first off, Georgia’s probably pissed as hell, and secondly, 21 points is a veritable offensive outburst for this moped of offense. Don’t expect that to continue; Georgia should get up a TD early, and then just slowly choke the life out of the Wildcat offense.

Florida @ Vanderbilt

If you watched Georgia / Kentucky before watching this game, you’ll be forgiven if you think you’re watching a repeat. Well, it’s a repeat only in the loosest sense of the world; Florida should knock Vanderbilt six ways from Sunday in the first half alone, setting up the stage for a Vandy / Tennessee showdown to determine bowl eligibility. Shouldn’t that be how it happens?

Alabama @ LSU

Oh, hell yes. Words can’t even describe how excited I am for this one, and I can only hope it’s less of an unrequited blowout than the anticipated-as-hell Georgia / Florida tilt from last week. I hope for massive, massive amounts of pain, and a LSU win, further confusing the title picture. At this point, it’s really all about the chaos.