Wednesday, December 31

BSC Simulation LFB Style - Orange Bowl NCAA '09

Cincinnati vs Va Tech. I think I just crapped my pants on how lame this matchup is for the BCS. Both James and Chris are doing horrid Boston accent impressions.

"Let the Pulp fly!" Kickoff! Va Tech returns to their own 28.

Va Tech runs right for 2. Tyrod runs around like a mad chicken and throws long to Boone! Ghey! Option left for 6 yards. Option right for 7 yards and a first down. Taylor drops back to pass, scrambles, and throws for a 1 yard loss. Option right - Taylor pitches as he's getting tackled and Lewis runs 27 yards for the touchdown!

Kickoff returned by Cincinnati - to their 38 yard line by Marcus Barnett. Ramsy runs right for a yard. Tech is getting pressure up the middle, causing an interception on the next play! Intercepted by Victor Harris and returned to the Cincy 37 yard line.

Lewis runs a power left for 11 yards. Pressure from the corner and Taylor has to throw in a hurry! Caught by Lewis on the outlet behind the line of scrimmage and gains a yard. Option right and a FUMBLE!!! Recovered by the Hokies, and now both Chris and James are cursing like sailors. ACC! ACC! Incomplete pass, forcing a field goal... off the uprights and IN! Va Tech now up 10-0.

Kickoff returned by Cincy to their own 36. Iso up the middle for 4 yards. Gruza drops and throws to Barnett for 10 yards. Up the middle for 9 yards... then Jacob Ramsey runs 39 yards on a power left into the endzone!

Kickoff returned to their 33. Taylor scrambles right for 11 yards. Taylor scrambles left, finds Lewis for a long gain! Taylor scrambles - almost intercepted! Next play he scrambles right for a 13 yard run. Now in the red zone at the 14, and Lewis runs draw right for a 5 yard gain. An option give up the middle for 3 yards. Option right... is hit... and falls over the 4 yard line for the first down! Power left - touchdown!

Kickoff returned to the 29. Pass on first down - bullet to Barnett for 19 yards! Power right by Ramsey for 52 yards and a touchdown! There's still most of a quarter to go and it's just back and forth... like the defenses are standing around. Taylor scrambles left... gets a block, and goes down on the Cincy 43! Up the middle for a yard. SACK for 14 yards! Taylor scrambles, throws across the field... and gets the first down to the Cincy 32! Option right for a loss of 3. Incomplete pass down the right side. Scrambles left for 8... and Tech settles for a 42 yard field goal.

Kickoff returned by Cincy to the 38 yard line. Power left, breaks a tackle, and runs for 16 yards! Short pass under pressure for 6 yards. Off tackle right for 3 yards. Incomplete pass right! 4th and 2 with 52 seconds remaining... and drills a crossing pattern for the first down and calls a time out! Off tackle left for a loss of 2.... and then under pressure throws and interception!

Taylor throws a long bomb for the touchdown! HAIL MARY!

Kickoff returned just beyond the 20, and runs for the first down. TIMEOUT with one second left! Run right... end of half.

Cincy gets the ball back to start the second half. Big throw to #85 for a first down! Second throw - almost intercepted! "I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS!" Ball knocked down the next play. Incomplete pass again. Punt - and a hard hit! Va Tech is pinned on their 10 yard line.

Taylor option right - loss of 3 yards. Bomb down the middle - CAUGHT on the 42 yard line. Run up the middle for 1 yard. Taylor scrambles left for 16 yards. Run up the middle - loss of 3 yards. Va Tech methodically drives down - and Taylor gets benched for Glennon! The ball is almost intercepted - and Tech settles for a field goal.

Cincinnati brings it out. Option fake - pass complete! Short pass across the middle. Jump ball pass down the middle - incomplete! Crucial third down. A bullet to #85 for the crossing patter and a first down! Option give up the middle for 10 yards. Incomplete pass left! Next play - the RE knocks the ball down! Gruza throws to #83 for the crucial 3rd down and that's the end of the third quarter.

We start the 4th with the Bearcats driving at the Va Tech 25. First down, lob ball, caught on the 5 and falls forward for a yard! Off tackle left for 3 yards. Iso in I formation - touchdown!

A side note as they kick the extra point - WHICH IS BLOCKED! - Taylor is much more accurate than he is in real life. I mean... the passing yards...

Kickoff returned to the 35. Taylor scrambles on the first play from scrimmage - INTERCEPTED! The FS returns the ball to the Va Tech 25 yard line. First pass - caught to the Va Tech 5! Booth reviews - overturns - ball hit the ground. Third down - pass on a crossing for 9 yards bringing up 4th down! Va Tech calls timeout - coverage FAIL. Field goal made.

Pooch kick and the Tech returns to the 44. Va Tech has to call a timeout - they were lined up for an onside kick! Pass left to the HB for the first down! Scramble left for 6 yards. Pressure... throws for a long gain to the Cincy 14! Run up the middle - 3 yards. Run right - 4 yards. Option right, and Taylor gets the first down to the 4 yard line! Option right and loses 4 yards. Option give left - loss of a yard. Cincy calls a timeout with 1:21 left in the game. Taylor scrambles, and a missed tackle and he runs it in for the touchdown!

Kickoff - BIG RETURN to the Va Tech 48. Short pass - caught, and run to the 35. Short pass left - caught and down to the 25. Short pass left for five yards. Short pass right - caught and a first down! SACK for a 12 yard loss! With 12 seconds left... incomplete pass. They knock in a field goal??? Who the FACK is calling this game?

Game ends - final score 37-26.