Monday, December 22

Hawai'i Bowl Special Preview: An Interview with Jimmy Clausen

This is James Lawrence reporting here with a rare dream opportunity for any sports blogger. Joining me is legendary Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen, one of the most highly touted recruits in the country, coming out of prep school in California to take the helm of one of the great storied programs in the annals of college footballdom. Jimmy, welcome to the show.


After a 3-9 finish your freshman year, Notre Dame started out the 2008 season by winning four of your first five games. Tell us a little about what it was like to survive that scare against San Diego State.

Jimmy. JIMMAH, JimmyJimmah.

Hah. Yes, I can see why you'd say that. But then you lost a close game to North Carolina, rebounding with a win over lowly Washington. What happened in that game in Chapel Hill?

JIMMAYE, Jimjimmah, Jim-mah, Jimmah... Jimmeaughlimmah!

Well, they don't call him the Sexton Cannon for nothing, right! Now after another close loss against Pittsburgh, you guys got shut out by Boston College, survived a final drive by Navy, and lost to Syracuse.

Jim...mah. Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmayhe.

I didn't either, I really didn't think it would get any lower than that for you guys. But then you faced archrival USC. Tell us about getting held to just 91 yards of offense and not getting a single first down until your twelfth drive of the game, early in the fourth quarter.


Can't disagree with that...


It's okay, Jimmy, it's okay. Rey Mauluga is nowhere near this building, you're alright. Let's move on to another topic. You guys are making a bowl appearance this season after staying home in 2007. How's that feel?

Jimmah. Jimmy-jimmy-jimmoo.

Yes, even the most pedestrian of accomplishments have a reward in the bowl season.


Um, nothing. Sorry, on to the question. Notre Dame hasn't won a bowl game since the Cotton Bowl -- Jan 1, 1994. That's a nine-bowl losing streak, what are you going to do to change things?

(to the tune of the fight song) JIM JIM-JIM JIM-JIM... JIM-MAH! JIM-JIM JIM JIM-JIM...

Okay, okay. Well that's certainly some pride in your school, Jimmy, amazing that anyone there has any. That's all the time we have for now. Notre Dame vs Hawaii, folks, 8pm Eastern on Christmas Eve. Don't watch this, please.