Monday, September 10

Russell's T25, Week 2

1. LSU
2. USC
3. West Virginia
4. Florida
5. Texas
6. Oklahoma
7. Louisville
8. Wisconsin
9. Ohio State
10. Cal
11. UCLA
12. Rutgers
13. Penn State
14. Arkansas
15. Nebraska
16. Virginia Tech
17. Tennessee
18. Georgia Tech
19. Oregon
20. Clemson
21. Hawaii
22. Washington
23. Cincinnati
24. South Carolina
25. USF

To be honest, I didn't watch any games this past weekend, so this ranking is purely based upon box scores and stats at the moment. Even then I haven't been able to see all the scores and stats so this may change in a couple of days (if I have time to actually make the modifications).

However, in the recaps that I've read, here are a few sounding points:

#1 - Michigan is a sorry example of the Big 10. This is a huge down year for the Big 10 - but they're still competitive enough. But to have a team as overhyped as Michigan is both humiliating and devastating for the conference. Unless the play of Minnesota or Illinois improve drastically this year, the Big 10 may well end up as the least of the BCS conferences.

#2 - Are the Gamecocks really ready for the SEC? A big win against Georgia proves that unlike last year where they kept it close and lost this year they have the winning mindset. However, this is not their year - I see the 'Cocks coming around as a serious contender in a year or two.

#3 - Colorado was up 14-0. Then they got shut out the rest of the way. I was so hopeful for the Buffs this year...

#4 - The SEC is getting really muddled right now. Other than LSU and Florida it's really hard to see where all the other pieces fall. I believe these two will once again be battling it for the SEC title, but maybe Arkansas will make a push for it.

#5 - While we're talking about LSU, how about that victory against Va Tech? VT still has one of the best defenses (see 1st half) however LSU was better coached. The reason why I say that? LSU made the adjustments necessary to pull away in the second half. VT's offense sputtered and died. -10 for VT this week in my rankings (well, almost 10).