Sunday, September 16

Week 3 Recap

Oh red, oh red, where were you last night? There was a sea of red in Lincoln, but that sea was nowhere enough to stop the Trojans in the first three quarters. The score may has shown that it was closer, but it really wasn't that close. A bunch of 4th quarter junk touchdowns does not a game make. Nebraska, we hardly knew ye. You'll still be in my top 25, but you looked weak against good competition.

And dear Ohio State - next time have some offense in the FIRST half, please. Gaining 200 yards with 1 missed field goal, 1 blocked field goal, and 1 made field goal is weak. And the vaunted defense? Yes, you came away with some very important turnovers in important times, but you can't allow 100 yards rushing to the quarterback and be considered a great defense. A good, opportunistic one, but not a great one. And remember, you got lucky that there were two picks that didn't go the other way.

And Notre Dame sucks just about as much as we thought they would, and Michigan doesn't suck nearly as much as we all thought they did. Mallett had a good first outing, mainly because they had Hart to run it down the Golden Domes throats.

Tennessee made it a good game in the first half, coming back near the end to make it a 28-14 game... but the second half was all Gators. As Cowherd says, the sign of a well coached team is whether they are better in the second half than they were in the first, and, well, the Gators are a well coached team.

UCLA is overrated. They lost to Utah. They don't deserve more than three sentences for their complete implosion on the field to a mid-major.

Brian Brohm - now you know how it feels to be Peyton Manning. Have all of the weapons on offense that any quarterback could ever dream of, but not have the defense to get you that signature win that you would need. Well, in the intrastate rivalry, your foes bought billboards all across your fair town, and I guess they were right. You can't lift the entire team on your shoulders - Manning proved that when for five years he had playoff teams but could never make it to the big game. This year isn't your year for BCS glory. Sorry.

Boston College vs GT - two good ACC teams going at each other. I would have thought GT with Tashard Choice would have faired a lot better, but BC shut them down. 15 rushes for 31 yards for Choice - the Yellow Jackets aren't going to win unless Choice gets at least 100/game.

T25 list will be posted soon.