Sunday, September 30

Week 6 T25

This weekend was a mess for ranked teams. 5 in the top ten fell, many of them had too close of games (Cal, Wisconsin, Virginia Tech), and up and rising teams have come into the fold. This week showed that there is so much parity in College football now that it's difficult to know who will be ranked by the media and coaches.

However, here is my Top 25:

1. LSU - Now the clear #1 in my poll. They have a tough contest against Florida next week, and should they win they become the overwhelming favorite to win the crown.

2. USC - Against Washington they looked more vulnerable than they have in weeks past. How will they face up against a fiery Oregon team that has more team speed and talent? Or a Cal team that's burning everything along the way?

3. Ohio State - A convincing win against Minnesota makes this the team to beat in the Big 10 this year. However they get their next big challenge next week against a consistent Purdue, who is rising in the ranks.

4. Cal - The last second clinching against Oregon shows that they have what it takes to win the close ones. Oregon won't fall far in the rankings either...

5. Boston College - the biggest jump in my rankings due to Wisconsin's poor showing against MSU, and Matt Ryan continues to impress.

6. Kentucky - Woodson is for real, and being undefeated to start their SEC play is great.

7. Wisconsin - a poor showing against MSU. But they rise due to 5 of the top 10 dropping. However, they don't rise far.

8. South Carolina
9. Florida
10. South Florida
11. Virginia Tech
12. Georgia
13. West Virginia
14. Hawaii
15. Oklahoma
16. Oregon
17. Missouri
18. Texas
19. Cincinnati
20. Nebraska
21. Arizona State
22. Purdue
23. Kansas
24. Illinois
25. Kansas State