Sunday, September 23

Week 4 Recap

Game of the Week - GEORGIA @ ALABAMA - turned into one of those nailbiting finales. Georgia was up 10-0 prior the Saban and the tide comes back to tie it. Both of these teams have young quarterbacks, decent defenses, and not too many game makers on wide receiver. The fact that this went into overtime shows just how both of these programs are starting their fight up the SEC ladder. These two will likely switch spots in the T25.

South Carolina @ LSU - this game ended up a lot closer than I thought it would be - a touchdown less than what I thought. SC's defense really stepped up against a potent LSU offense... of course LSU hadn't seen a defense as concrete as SC's up to this point. However the fact that SC put up two against this defense says a lot about the fact that LSU's defense, though fantastic, still has holes that can be taken advantage of.

Penn State @ Michigan - Michigan is another big win from entering the top 25. Penn State's defense has always been good - however Anthony Morelli has never been able to get a hang of winning the big games when it's needed. PSU is overrated, and Michigan is underrated... but somehow the Blue defense came out and kept the big receivers in check.

Kentucky @ Arkansas - Is Woodson for real? Yes, very much for real. How about McFadden and Jones? Yes, they're real. However, running 200 yards on the ground, most of it by McFadden, still doesn't win games unless you score offensive touchdowns. And Woodson is rising in the NFL stocks - poise in the 4 quarter and coming back for the win. However, looking at the box score is more telling - Arkansas had 500 yards and only 29 points. That many yards should be at least 5 touchdowns, so they're getting much fewer points per yard than they should. They are not going to go anywhere in the SEC - 500 yards against UK is one thing but it's highly unlikely that they'll get 500 against anyone else.

Disappointments for Week 4 -

Florida 30, Ole Miss 24: Where is the vaunted Florida offense? You are bigger and faster than your competition, but poor execution (not to mention a very hungry Ole Miss defense) made you look human.

Nebraska 41, Ball State 40: Face it, Callahan. You ESCAPED with a win. You didn't win anything, they handed you a W. You better hope the voters forget by the end of the season if you get a chance to compete for the Big 12 Championship.

Wisconsin 17, Iowa 13: What happened, Badgers? Iowa is good, yes. They have a pretty darn good running game, but their defense has been crap since Hodge & co left a couple of years ago. I think this really shows that Ohio State may be the only valid B10 team in the top ten.