Sunday, September 23

Week 5 T25

1. LSU
2. USC
3. Oklahoma
4. Florida
5. Texas
6. West Virginia
7. Ohio State
8. Cal
9. Clemson
10. Wisonsin
11. Oregon
12. Rutgers
13. Boston College
14. Virginia Tech
15. Kentucky
16. Georgia
17. USF
18. Hawaii
19. Missouri
20. Purdue
21. Nebraska
22. Cincinnati
23. Kansas
24. Arizona State
25. Penn State

Wow. Starting from #9 down was really, really tough. Nobody has claimed real leadership other than the top 8. The middle of the pack continues to disappoint, and there are very few up and rising teams that are performing well enough to be ranked. The SEC stalwarts are taking each other out, and it's getting harder to see whether they really are that good, or whether it's just parity. The Big 10 is doing the same thing, but the view is that the conference just doesn't match up athletically against the SEC. The Big 12 has Oklahoma and then everyone else. Pac 10 is fielding a very strong conference, where we can say that ASU, UW, Cal, UCLA, Oregon, and USC are all valid, possible top 25 teams. Big East is a bust.

What the hell is happening in college football this year?