Saturday, November 17

The Week 12 Early Game Count

I love Saturdays. I’ve managed to finally set up my computer so I can watch a game online and mute/un-mute the game without having to move. What’s that mean? I’m really lazy – but it’s kind of awesome. Well, really awesome.

Anyway, I’ll be updating this with thoughts from the three games I’m watching: MichiganOhio State, GeorgiaKentucky, and Maryland – FSU. For posterity’s sake, I’m pulling for Ohio State, Kentucky, and … *flips coin* Maryland. A few early thoughts on these games:

- Both Ohio State and Michigan are having issues with the wet turf. OSU had the bigger problem, slipping three times in a row to go three and out in the middle of the 1st quarter. Michigan managed to drive down to the OSU 14 before stagnating and kicking a FG to go up 3-0.

- Asher Allen would’ve returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown had he not slipped. Big mistake; Moreno fumbled to allow the Wildcats to get away without allowing any points, but the Wildcats had to punt. Georgia is able to gash the D pretty effectively so far.

No real thoughts on the third game for now; I’m not following it *that* closely. Well, FSU's damn tomahawk chop gets old quickly, but that's not news.

Update 1:

- Kentucky gets on the board first thanks to a beautiful threaded pass by Woodson to Keenan Burton. This was also thanks to a stupid, stupid PI by the already mentioned Asher Allen - he basically careened headfirst into the intended WR.

- Finally had a chance to score-check on the MD/FSU game. Florida State is killing it thanks to an early pick and great field position. I'll trust their lead about as far as I can throw Bobby Bowden, but it's legit for now.

- Ohio State just pulled off a solid drive to punch the ball in for a touchdown.

- In the time I was writing those previous updates, Kentucky pulls off a beautiful pick and is now driving into Georgia territory. Georgia's playing a lot of zone early and the routes that are being called do a great job of threading the coverage territories. The Wildcats look really good early - 5:13 left in the 1st quarter.

Update 2:

- Georgia is not looking good at all right now. They've had three turnovers already and a couple of bad penalties, and it's 10-0 Kentucky with almost all the momentum to boot.

- Michigan just booted one beautiful 68-yard punt. They're still down 7-0.

- Unrelated game: I'm following Missouri-Kansas State on Gamecast, and I happen to click over to it right as Jeremy Maclin returns the kickoff for a TD. It's strange seeing just one big black line going all the way across the field, but that was what happened. 14-9 Missouri (they blocked the point after).

Update 3:

- Even though I'm not watching the game, I'd feel bad if I didn't mention that K-State has taken the lead against Missouri. This has been a recurring problem for the Wildcats; they have an unfortunate habit of falling asleep for a few minutes at a time during each game. It hasn't killed them much yet, but it will soon. Of course, in the time I post this, they score again to go up 21-15. Oh well.

- Michigan/Ohio State is in the locker room for halftime, and the game ....honestly hasn't been that exciting. I've been spending a while doing some background things for the blog, but I haven't even thought much about looking up. I'm now in the unfortunate position of watching two Lincoln Financial broadcasts at once, and I can now confidently say one thing: just because LF Sports is 1/2 the production value of every other broadcast, two broadcasts doesn't make one totally professional.

- Thomas Brown is back for the Bulldogs! I don't know what this means, but the answer for now is: not a lot. They're driving late in the 2nd quarter.