Saturday, November 17

Week 12: Upset Watch Is Sick of Blue Balls

Western Michigan over Iowa doesn't really count as an upset. UL-Monroe over Alabama is an upset, but I think Captain Hangover took the credit for that win. So Upset Watch has spent most of the day in the bar getting tanked because he got stood up this afternoon. It's probably a good thing that he didn't pass out there, too.

Now it's getting late in the evening and Texas Tech has given ol' Upset a ring. They're up 27-7, but they just fumbled and Oklahoma recovered. Crawford is still out, which means Josh Halzle is having to shoulder most of the offensive load. With that being said, DeMarco Murray has really done well once he's got his hands on the ball, so Stoops may shift more of the offense to Murray once the second half begins. Halzle looks like he's settling down a bit, so we'll see if that helps after halftime. As of now, if Oklahoma can get within two scores before halftime, they have to chalk that up as a positive.

In the other games, West Virginia punted on their first possession and Cincy did an excellent job getting downfield .... up until they coughed up the ball. Still 21-10 with WVU on the move now.

Clemson just kicked a 22-yard FG. That tells you all you need to know about that game for now. Interest level: 1.5/10.

Update 1:
WVU / Cincinnati is on the back burner, as the 'Eers just went up 28-10. The less said about BC / Clemson, the better; suffice to say that nothing's gone on there. You haven't missed much if you spent the last 15 minutes eating dinner, as OU / TTU just kicked off the 2nd half. Let's see how this plays out.

Update 2:
I'm actually updating because of BC / Clemson. No, the game hasn't gotten interesting, but BC has taken the lead. It's 13-10, and the "highlight" is BC controlling the ball for about the first 7 minutes of the fourth quarter. There's still time to go in the game and Clemson is driving (as I'm writing, they're in the red zone and I'm actively looking for the Score Alert), so at worst they should be able to tie.

Cincinnati has cut the margin to 28-17 and they may be able to pull out the win if there was 75 minutes in regulation, but I think time's going to run out on them. Of course, literally as I'm writing the previous sentence Cincy recovers a fumble deep in WVU territory, so ....stay tuned. Still don't think there's enough time.

Meanwhile, in the upset du jour, TTU is up 34-13 and driving in the wrong direction. Still, at this point they're not quite to the point where they can hold serve, but Oklahoma's offense is not explosive today and won't be as long as Crawford's on the sidelines. It's not a guarantee, but's not looking bad for the Red Raiders.

Updates on updates: TTU misses a FG opportunity by banging it off the post and Clemson bangs one in on the legs of Cullen Harper. 17-13 Clemson and still 34-13 TTU.

Update 3:
Apparently my insistent mockery of the BC / Clemson game finally reached Death Valley. BC has stormed back to take a 20-17 lead on the arm of Matt Ryan. That last part isn't to anyone's surprise; BC also has managed to do approximately nothing on the ground. Some credit goes to their D as well, as both Spiller and Davis have been shut down. The question I have for Tommy Bowden at this point is why he put the game in Cullen Harper's hands; Harper has done much better than expected, but he still has a fantastic combination of backs that he really should be using.

West Virginia / Cincinnati has gone final; WVU wins a tough battle on the road, which should help them in both the polls and in the computer rankings. Next week's game will do them some favors, but the final battle with a struggling Pitt team won't help. Snap analysis of the polls point to gaining at least a spot in each poll which will probably put them up to 5th at worst. If Oklahoma loses, they're probably in 4th, as I don't think Ohio State's win will do enough for them.

Speaking of Oklahoma, we're to the 4th quarter and they're down by 21.