Saturday, November 17

Week 12: Tennessee's Kicking Off and I Have the Audio

I figure with me adding a fourth game to the mix (Tennessee / Vandy, audio only) I should start another post. We're still just before halftime with Georgia / Kentucky; Georgia just punched in a Knowshon Moreno TD to cut the margin to 10-7. It's a big score for them; Kentucky basically dominated the first half in both yardage and time of possession, but Georgia was able to throw one drive together for a score. They won't get the ball to start the second half, though.

In the other games: not a whole lot. Everyone's at halftime.

Fun fact: Tennessee TE Brad Cottam is from (one of) my hometown(s). It's Senior Day for the Vols today, a fact that I'm sure nobody else cares about but me. Judging by the crowd response, I'd be right too. At least Ainge got a strong ovation.

Update 1:

Ohio State scored and I totally missed it. I was starting to make lunch and apparently I wasn't looking at the TV then. Apparently it was a Beanie Wells 62-yard run, so I'm not surprised I missed it.

I want to turn on the Gamecast for the UT/Vandy game, but Internet Explorer doesn't like a lot of Gamecasts open at once so I'm already pushing it here. Verdict? Goodbye, MD/FSU.

Update 2:

I don't feel bad about turning off MD/FSU; it was 21-6 early in the 2nd quarter and it's still 21-6 in the middle of the 3rd quarter. I won't be revisiting this game until MD can cut the gap to one score.

What'll I replace it with? ND/Duke! We're close to kickoff there and this game is going to be hideously bad. I'm looking forward to it.

Kentucky/Georgia just got back from halftime, and the Georgia D just forced a punt - which special teams blocked. Georgia's ball deep in Kentucky territory, and it looks like at worst the Dawgs have momentum. In other SEC news, Tennessee is rolling Vandy early, but the first extra point was blocked, so the Vols are only up 6-0 on a Lucas Taylor TD catch.

In other news, Henne's off the field and it'll be up to Ryan Mallett to lead the Wolverines to a win over the Buckeyes. Best of luck - he'll need it.

(Edit: Georgia did punch it in for a TD. 14-10 Bulldogs.)

Update 3:

End of the first quarter in the UT/Vandy game and ...not a whole lot has happened. Daniel Lincoln had a FG bounce off the crossbar and fall out, but Vandy wasn't able to capitalize on it. There really hasn't been much happening in any game that I haven't already updated. Missouri opened up some breathing room against K-State (28-18), Georgia Tech is locked in a tight battle with North Carolina (17-15 GT), and Rutgers is having issues with Pitt but they're leading 17-13.

I have a remarkable ability to update right as Georgia scores a TD. I was all ready to write about how nothing was going on in the UGA/UK game, but as soon as I do Moreno rips off a 20-yard run and Stafford has a big scramble TD. Finally get a chance to see that Beanie Wells TD, which was as nice as you'd expect for a 62-yard TD run. Ohio State is pinned deep in their own territory.

Upset Watch is on snooze for the time being.

Update 4:

Upset Watch has turned a sleepy eye toward the Tennessee-Vanderbilt game. It's now Vandy 7-6 thanks to a remarkable 17-play, 78-yard drive that took 9:02 off the clock. It's still very early, but the drive was helped out thanks to an obvious PI call against Ryan Karl (covering Earl Bennett, of course he was going to have to commit a foul). In other news, Lones Seiber picked up the luck that Daniel Lincoln lost, banging a FG in off the left post to cut Kentucky's margin to 21-13. A Georgia TO and a Kentucky punt gives Georgia the ball again going into the 4th quarter.

It's still 14-3 Ohio State in a game I definitely wouldn't call exciting. Truth be told, I've barely paid attention to any game currently on the TV; Duke and ND are doing their best imitation of the Punt, Pass, and Kick contest, right down to having the athletic skill of 12-year olds. The MD/FSU margin is 11 - 24-13 - so I'm not paying any more attention to it than that.

A quick survey of the 3:30 games has made me realize that I'm going to get to see a couple of clunkers once 3:30 rolls around: LSU @ Ole Miss and Miami @ VA Tech. Poor CBS. Stupid ABC's regional coverage.