Saturday, November 17

Week 12: First Round Complete

We're starting to finish the first round of games. Ohio State/Michigan just went final - 14-3 Buckeyes. The game wasn't that surprising; I don't think anyone expected an offensive shootout, and Michigan's had a rough season. This may be Lloyd Carr's final game. Player of the game? Chris Wells, who had 39 (!) runs for 220 yards. It wasn't the prettiest game at all, but Wells was the difference-maker.

Vanderbilt just scored another TD to go up 14-9 late in the 2nd quarter. This was followed by Erik Ainge throwing an inadvertent backward lateral recovered by Vandy at the UT 18. Vandy converted that into a FG, making the margin 17-9 at the half. They'll get the ball back to start the 2nd half, too. Upset Watch is eating some breakfast, as he may be needed shortly.

Other games that have gone final:
Illinois 41, Northwestern 22 (MVP: Juice Williams - 15-23, 217 yards, 1 TD plus 136 yards rushing and 2 rushing TDs)
Temple 24, Kent State 14
UConn 30, Syracuse 7

A whole host of games are about to kick off, including LSU / Ole Miss, Michigan State / Penn State, and UAB / Memphis. I think I'm the only person who cares about that last one, though.

Update 1:

Georgia's done a great job locking down the Wildcats in the second half. I figured that Kentucky had a shot to pull back once it got within 8, but Georgia's kicked a FG to go up 24-13 in a score that I expect will hold to final. Nothing else is really new in SEC land; Arkansas is walking all over Mississippi State, LSU is already up on Ole Miss, and Alabama is struggling with an inferior opponent.

Other finals: Georgia Tech wins a close game over North Carolina (27-25), Tulsa over Army in a shootout (49-39), Rutgers close over Pitt (20-16), FSU closed out the win over Maryland (24-16), and that Georgia/Kentucky game went final in the time it took me to write the update.

Update 2:

The Vandy/Tennessee game isn't looking good for the Vols. I've turned off the audio in hopes that might make a difference - I'm nothing if not superstitious. Will it make a difference? I doubt it. After the first drive, the Vols have looked listless on both sides of the ball. It looks like a hangover game in the making.

Notre Dame has gone up on Duke 14-0 right before the half. It's good to know that the Fighting Irish can handle a solid, talented team like the Blue Devils.

Not a whole lot going on elsewhere; Alabama is letting UL-Monroe hang around into the second half, which is amusing but I don't see it lasting. Kevin Smith from UCF has already run for 175 yards and 2 TDs before the half. He's been on a mission in the middle of nowhere, and he may even be able to work himself into the Heisman talk (but I doubt it).

Update 3:

LSU / Ole Miss has kind of stagnated. LSU is up 14-7, but they're not walking all over the Rebels like I expected. Ole Miss has hung tough - and we even had a Brent Schaeffer sighting! He's 2-for-5, which is a completion ratio I fully expect him to maintain throughout the rest of the game.

Another heartfelt thanks goes out to ABC; we get Miami / VT, which has been a 17-0 beatdown. Is anyone surprised? Meanwhile, Kansas is rolling Iowa State, Penn State is up 10-7 on Michigan State, and Washington is winning a tight game 14-13. But no, we get the beatdown.

Apparently Kevin Smith is now at 179 yards and 3 TDs on the game - currently at halftime. I'm a bit surprised; I guess I updated in the middle of his run or something last time. No matter.

Upset Watch: Vandy's still up 24-16 on Tennessee into the 4th quarter, and thank god for Minnesota keeping at least some of the spotlight off that game; they're up 13-3 on Wisconsin in the 2nd quarter. Also, UL-Monroe is up 21-14 on Alabama almost at the end of the 3rd quarter.