Friday, October 17

Big 10 Week 8

It's the middle of season, and with six more games to go the Big 10 is a complete and utter mess. Penn State remains unbeaten, and the next 4 teams all have one loss. Due to the reputation of the conference, there are only two other ranked teams (Ohio State and Michigan State). The latter two meet this weekend, a clash of unbeatens in the conference. Next week it's Ohio State vs Penn State. It's only bound to get more mucked up from here.

And what's up with Minnesota? Their lone loss is to Ohio State, and they're currently unranked. They get a week off this week, but man have they been playing well against the Big 10, downing Indiana and Illinois. Who'd have thought the top of the Big 10 would look like this? Nobody, I tell you.

This week and next week are crucial for this conference, as the top teams play each other and only one will come out on top. Who will it be?

GAME OF THE WEEK: Ohio State vs Michigan State - Javon Ringer vs Beanie Wells. Two studs, two of the best true running backs in the nation. Brian Hoyer has some major weapons on the outside, especially the fast and tall Mike Dell. In fact, offensively they have more consistent weapons than the Buckeyes do. However, their defense won't be able to handle Pryor and Wells together, and with a decent ground performance last week the O-line needs to step it up even more.

Purdue vs Northwestern - The Boilermakers have some good offensive firepower, but their defense can't stop a fly from scoring touchdowns. Northwestern has Tyrell Sutton, but not much else. A game of mediocre Big 10 teams but if Painter steps it up the Boilers will walk out with a win.

Wisconsin vs Iowa - The Badgers were suppose to have a good year, with Beckum and Hill leading the way. However, they've disappointed. Iowa has started to make a comeback this year, but they are still mediocre. Hand off the Shonn Green and hope that he makes something happen... and nobody on the outside. Mitch King and the D-line needs to step up, but I think the Badgers rebound this week.

Michigan vs Penn State - OMG BLOWOUT ALERT. Wolverines really have no chance - the Nittany Lions are on a roll, playing hot, and their Spread HD with Darryl Clark will rip that defense apart, more than Illinois did. Michigan still needs a starting QB, and Brandon Minor is not a premier running back.

Indiana vs Illinois - What happened to Juice and Benn? Last week, they were really nowhere to be found against Minnesota. And Indiana - what's up with Kellen Lewis? I expect the fighting Illini to bounce back, Benn to make some fantastic catches, and the prime-time Big 10 game to be a sleeper.