Friday, October 3

SEC Week 6 Games: Can You Hear Me? 'cause I'm Phoning It In

Well, I’m glad that the SEC is so normal this season. Florida looks fantastic, and Georgia is the powerhouse they were expected to be. Vanderbilt still blows, and the Tennessee offense didn’t miss a beat after losing all its coaching personnel. Alabama looks like they’re still a year out, and Mississippi State has made further strides after their Liberty Bowl berth last year.

Wait, what’s that? Um, crap. Well, I’m on a deadline, screw it, I’m not changing that intro.

Northern Illinois @ Tennessee
Good lord, this season has been painful. It’s not so much that the offense is struggling as much as it is as much as it is the complete lack of intelligence under center – Jonathan Crompton is a freaking moron. Well, Nick Stephens should get some action in this game, which may or may not be a relief, but as a general rule patience is wearing thin. I’m not sure I’d blame the coaching staff for complete lack of mental acuity; that’s just Clausen territory.

South Carolina @ Ole Miss
So, Rebels – you think you’re all high and mighty now that you’ve beaten Florida? Well, welcome to the other side of the Houston Nutt era. The side that blows winnable games against ACC teams. The side that will keep this game maddeningly close even though Ole Miss is a much better team, leaving it close enough for South Carolina to mount a game-winning drive to ruin Ole Miss’ homecoming. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Florida @ Arkansas
And here’s the other side of that misfortunate tilt in Gainesville. Apparently the Gators are pissed now, but I’d trust that about as far as I can throw the completely ineffective playbook of Dan Millen. I’m still staggered by the number of barely overthrown passes from last week; while that probably won’t happen again, it’s still a huge danger sign. I’d be worried about an upset here except the Hogs are beyond terrible.

Kentucky @ Alabama
There are just enough people talking about this game being a trap game that it probably won’t be. It’ll look like a trap game, though, especially if Kentucky can hang close for the first half. We’ll go into the locker rooms at 7-3 and everyone will think it can happen, then ‘Bama will roll 21 in the third quarter and we’ll go watch something else.

Auburn @ Vanderbilt
I still can’t believe Gameday is in Nashville. That scares the hell out of me. I suspect the defenses will look good due to the offenses being mostly horrific, but don’t expect me to watch; I’ll be out buying all the canned goods I can find. Armageddon isn’t too far off now.

We'll forgo the ACC games for this week, because I'm still depressed as hell we're not getting Georgia Tech / Duke; instead, we get Boston College / NC State. I'll be drinking Drano from the bottle if you need me.