Thursday, October 23

Big 12 Week 9 Games

Last week, everyone and their mom picked Texas to have a letdown game against Missouri. As they'd say in Boston, not Austin, FACK YOU HATAHS! YOU DO NAWT RECOGNIZE A GREAHT TEAM WHEN YOU SEE ONE!

This weekend it's another showdown of unbeatens in the Big 12, either Texas or Oklahoma State will emerge as the favorite to win the South division, and if Oklahoma State wins they will begin their case for inclusion in the national title picture. Don't forget Texas Tech, still an unknown thanks to their schedule, or for that matter Robert Cream Griffin III - ie, mini-Vince Young trying to lead a jr college squad to NCAA glory. Man I wish this guy had talent around him; that'd be fun to watch.

Texas Tech @ Kansas
After dozing through a soft schedule, Texas Tech has not looked particularly great against Nebraska and Texas A&M. They do, however, boast a perfect record. Kansas, on the other hand, has lost tough games against USF and Oklahoma. For completely different reasons, both teams need this win to establish legitimacy. As we'd expect, Texas Tech has the edge in this matchup in most offensive categories but gives up the edge on defense.

Oklahoma @ Kansas State
Sam Bradford's arm was throbbing with extra intensity this week at the prospect of playing such a depleted secondary. Real men average 25 yards per completion, regardless of what that does to their percentage.

Baylor @ Nebraska
His Creamness has the Baylor Bears teetering on playing a game after November - upset of Texas, Texas Tech, or Missouri pending - and while it would be a bowl we've never heard of played in a city we've never heard of, dammit Baylor will be one of the elite 98 FBS teams to get an invite! Thank god there's no playoff to kill the meaningfulness of having a bowl game for every semi-decent team plus Notre Dame.

Oklahoma State @ Texas
Texas has probably the hardest four-game stretch in college football, facing Oklahoma at a neutral site, Missouri then Oklahoma State at home, and Texas Tech on the road. Halfway through that stretch, the Horns have looked amazing and have earned the #1 ranking. Oklahoma tested Texas' ability to stop a quarterback with great deep accuracy and strong offensive and defensive lines. UT won with special teams and by controlling the ground game. Missouri tested Texas' ability to stop one of the best precision-passers in college football, the nation's top tight end, and the most versatile all-around player Jeremy Maclin. Colt McCoy turned in arguably the best performance of his career and the Horns won by not making mistakes. Oklahoma State presents a different kind of challenge. The Cowboys feature the most physical running attack in the Big 12, one of the conference's top two pure WRs, and arguably the conference's best defense. Texas's defense has turned in a few excellent performances for a half in their last two wins... it will need a full effort this Saturday as points should be harder to come by this week.

Colorado @ Missouri
Though far too late, the Missouri offense did show what it is capable of in the second half against Texas, after six mediocre quarters in their last two games. Colorado has completely dropped the ball on a promising early season.

Texas A&M @ Iowa State
And if you're curious who the worst team in the conference is, watch this. Or look at the box score Sunday morning.