Thursday, October 23

SEC Week 9 Games: WTF are they doing playing on Thursday?

Last week wasn’t terribly eventful in the SEC; sure, Tennessee had an excellent defensive game (and 34-3 at least looks like they got their shit together), but how much credit do we give for a dominating defensive performance against Mississippi State? Arkansas looked competent for three quarters, but that didn’t really matter in the end. LSU / South Carolina was largely craptastic (and for the record, that ref has already used up his eligibility, otherwise he’d be playing in the Big 12 this weekend). Vanderbilt / UGA and Ole Miss / Alabama were both entertaining, but the favorites won in both cases.

What does that leave us with? Well, it’s another mostly dead weekend – save a vicious Georgia / LSU tilt. Also, apparently it’s the Third Saturday in October, but don’t tell that to your calendar. Also, Auburn / West Virginia kicks off in half an hour, so let’s hope this is up in time, otherwise that preview is going to look pretty funny.

Auburn @ West Virginia
This definitely isn’t the dead game of the week, although both programs are arguably on life support. (This joke has been approved by the Corny Writers of ESPN Union.) However, it’s the game that begins the earliest this week, so it might as well be on top. It’s on Thursday, so let’s be honest – you’re watching it anyway, unless you’re one of those crazies who watch baseball. Don’t expect a great game, and I can’t really tell you a whole lot more than that other than this game will probably be a little bit ugly.

MTSU @ Mississippi State
Now, this is going to be pretty terrible. I’d almost give MTSU the edge (they beat Maryland! Remember this when the Terps somehow end up ranked), but Starkville is a black hole of offense. Expect a pretty hideous game, so be glad this isn’t on TV.

Kentucky @ Florida
I actually expect Kentucky to keep this closer than expected, but at the end of the day, this is still a Raycom game. [witty – okay, “witty” – banter about the teams goes here]

Duke @ Vanderbilt
That’s right – Vandy’s almost bowl-eligible! Unfortunately, they go up against the power football currently stationed in Durham, NC. God, the fact that anyone’s paying attention to this game is hilarious for so many reasons, but in the absence of any actual analysis, might as well take Duke for the upset. Vandy can just beat Tennessee later to get bowl-eligible.

Alabama @ Tennessee
It’s the Not Third Saturday in October! Of course, the Vols are more than likely going to get smoked here (which will probably do Fulmer in if he isn’t already toast, but that’s neither here nor there); I, on the other hand, will be watching to see if Eric Berry plays every snap as he damn well should. Berry is the world’s best argument for cloning.

Ole Miss @ Arkansas
As odd as it sounds, I am so incredibly pissed that this game isn’t on TV. Anything and everything could happen here, up to and including a forfeit. I hope Ole Miss wins by 84 and Nutt flips the bird to the Arkansas faithful as he walks off the field. Good riddance.

Georgia @ LSU
This should be badass, get-hyped-up-and-yell-like-hell football. That’s right, it’s a night game in Tiger Stadium, but if you think there’s going to be a blackout – well, that would actually be hilarious. Don’t count on it, though.