Friday, October 17

SEC Week 8 Games: Does it smell like chaos in here, or is it just me?

After an unintentional weeklong hiatus (thanks, Comcast!), we’re back with the SEC again. Thank god. Of course, in the meantime Florida’s shown up in the national title chase again, South Carolina’s back on our radar again (dammit), Vanderbilt is now 0-1 in trap games over their history (also: thanks for the Crooming), and LSU may not be quite as good as we thought. What’s not news? Auburn, Mississippi State, and Tennessee all have Downs-Syndrome (not autistic) level offenses – and Arkansas still sucks. Don’t be fooled.

Arkansas @ Kentucky
This game certainly sounds interesting, as both teams qualify as intriguing. However, don’t be fooled; this is going to be an ass-ugly affair. What remains to be seen is if it’ll be ass-ugly in the “1-AA team comes in for Homecoming” kind of way, where it looks like the second-teamers beat the crap out of the first-teamers and left them for dead in the locker room, or in the “quality ACC game” way, where it looks like a good game unless you start paying attention. My vote’s on the latter. (And speaking of Homecoming, this is Kentucky’s homecoming game.)

Mississippi State @ Tennessee
Lordy, am I glad this game isn’t on TV, as there’s no way I’d want to actually watch this. This is going to be hideous; most hack writers would make a 3-2 joke here, but I will go hack-plus and instead opt for a 14-12 final (7 safeties against 6). They should call this game as soon as someone scores on offense; of course, that means they could still be playing come Monday.

LSU @ South Carolina
Last year featured the fake-field-goal bitchsmack of the decade, and for that we’ll always be grateful for Les Miles. That being said, this is one of those quasi-interesting games that could be exciting if South Carolina stays close (or ahead) of LSU through halftime, but will likely be decided by the end of the third quarter, even though three’s no rational reason this game shouldn’t come down to the wire.

Ole Miss @ Alabama
Now this game … this should be fun. On one hand, this shouldn’t be too tough a game for Alabama, but on the other, you have the SEC’s answer for Maryland in Ole Miss. After bombing the game against South Carolina, you can easily leave the Nuttsters for dead, but I know better than to count out the crazy. We have a solid shot of seeing this season’s second full-on Giggity, and for that I’m excited. (Now watch ‘Bama win by 45.)

Vanderbilt @ Georgia
In what seemed like a great idea at the time, Vandy is Georgia’s homecoming game. Of course, these aren’t your normal Commies; no, this year they’re the 2007 Croomdogs, complete with mostly-terrible offense and a remarkable ability to get lucky at the right time. If they’re rolling, this game should be close, but if not expect Georgia to slowly but surely choke the life out of Vandy.