Friday, September 5

Big 10 Week 2

Holy crap there seems to be a lot of off field issues this year, and Penn State has bitten the bug again. This week has very few interesting matchups, and the conference as a whole should come out unscathed... so here goes!

Illinois vs Eastern Illinois - if last week showed us anything, it was that Illinois can compete with the best in the nation. Take away a crucial interception in the fourth quarter and the game's outcome would have been VERY different... and that's something they still need to improve. However, Eastern Illinois? My left nut could beat them.

Michigan vs Miami (OH) - Last week the Wolverines looked pitiful in the first half, but in the second half they were brought up by Threet's performance. However, their offensive line is WEAK - even with three big seniors manning the line. If their play in the second half continues into this weekend, Threet may quickly become the set starter and the Wolverines my pull off an 8 win season.

Michigan State vs Eastern Michigan - see Illinois above. Pretty much the same script, but at a lower level.

Purdue vs Norther Colorado - The Boilermakers had a bye week last week, and their first game is agains a weak Bears team. It's just not fair - the Boilermaker defense starts ZERO underclassmen, and the size differential between their O-line vs the Bears' D-line makes this a laughable game.

Indiana vs Murray State - Last week Indiana gave up only one touchdown to Western Kentucky. Look for them to repeat that this week. And look for the offense to get to a better roll, reaching at least 28 by half and Kellen Lewis will sit the latter half.

Iowa vs Florida Int'l - Poor Florida International. First it's Kansas. Now it's Iowa. For this young program, it might be worth getting the amount of money they do to play these teams, but Iowa finally found their running game. Their receivers are still nothing to shout about, but another weak team for the Big 10 = easy win.

Northwestern vs Duke - Hah! Tyrell Sutton looked really good last weak, and it is Duke that we're talking about.

Ohio State vs Ohio - Pryor won't play much. Beanie won't play. It'll still be a blowout. It's like the 4th preseason game in the NFL.

Wisconsin vs Marshall - Okay, we got it, Badgers. PJ Hill is one hell of a running back. But the only redeeming aspect of your vertical game is at the TE position - you have two excellent tight ends and your receivers suck. But you'll still win...

UPSET ALERT - Minnesota vs Bowling Green - Yes, Bowling Green already has one BCS6 team under its belt this year, even though it's a Wannstedt led Pittsburgh Panthers. However, last year the Gophers couldn't get it done against BG... and their pass defense will have to step up if they're going to have a chance at all. Most of the sports pundits say that the secondary is the biggest weakness on the Gophers team... This may be the start of another miserable Gopher season.

GAME OF THE WEEK - Penn State vs Oregon State - Way to go idiots! Stoke up a little weed AND get caught doing it. Don't you know that unless you live in California or Boulder you actually get arrested for that crap? No? Man, then you do deserve to be suspended for a game... because you're STUPID. It's PSU's most important non-conference game and they're going to be missing three pieces on defense.

Oregon State still sucks and I figure that with a game under his belt Daryll Clark will be more confident. But if the Littany Lions lose, it'll be really easy to find who to blame the loss on.