Friday, September 19

Big 12 Week 4 Preview

So here's the problem with your conference playing three games before Saturday. It's Friday night, I'm scrambling to write this shit up, and already two games have been completed and a third is in the second half. Oh well, here goes:

Kansas State @ Louisville

How the fuck do you give up 38 points to a team that managed only 2 against Kentucky? UKY isn't your standard beastly SEC defense either, this is inexcusable. So is just 30 yards rushing on offense, unless you're Texas Tech and that also came with 600 passing. Fail.

West Virginia @ Colorado

Despite the fact that I got my Master's from CU, I've never really cheered for the BUffs in a non-CSU game until now. When the first man wasn't open, Cody Hawkins repeatedly went "fuck it, I'm going deep" which makes him a real man at the most important position. Not surprisingly, the Buffs pulled off the upset. Nice ground game by yet another freshman back, too.

Baylor @ Connecticut

The fact that a) this is a Friday night game and b) it's back-and-forth is baffling. I'm loving the fact that Baylor pulled some kid off the track team and flagrantly run a system offense, and they're 2-1 with a chance to go 3-1. I will never understand how this happened.

Buffalo @ Missouri

The odds of Daniel breaking his TDs > incompletions streak here are low, even though he promised to play this one left-handed.

Miami @ Texas A&M

Miami has a HORRIBLE offense. But A&M has a HORRIBLE team. Miami should win this one 13-0, with the 13 coming from 5 safeties and a field goal.

Massachussetts @ Texas Tech

Texas Tech is playing like total ass so far, but bonus that if you made an all-star team from their first four opponents, you'd get roughly Texas A&M. They should win this one 84-0; it'll be more like 51-24.

Sam Houston State @ Kansas

After losing a close one in South Florida, KU returns to playing creampuffs. *Yawn*

Rice @ Texas

For whatever reason, Texas plays Rice every year. I'm sure there's some "rivalry" behind it, but... Rice, really? Geez.

Iowa State @ UNLV

Iowa State sucks balls. I don't even want to think about this game.