Sunday, September 7

Sunday Reading: Georgia Tech / Navy's Offense

So it's the first week of that other group that plays football games - what are they called again? - and because everyone's going to end up watching those games anyway, here at LFB we have some reading for you. We'll start over at Smart Football, who covers a few things he saw from last week, one of which is a comment on the new Georgia Tech offense. He doesn't post that often, but what he lacks in posting frequency he makes up for in content. (We only wish we had that excuse.)

From there, head over to Sunday Morning Quarterback for a quick breakdown on how the offense - oddly, yet aptly, termed the "Flexibone" - operates. Bonus footage: links back to old-school Nebraska football (Tommie Frazier sightings!) and numerous mentions of beer-truck running.

But no, it gets better, because we finally end here (yes, this is linked off SMQ too) - a play-by-play, drive-by-drive breakdown of Navy's game against Notre Dame last year. And while this is as in-depth as we dream of, the fact that this is a Notre Dame blog describing exactly how Notre Dame lost after nearly 50 years of winning against Navy makes it even better. So have your Sunday reading with a dose of making fun of Notre Dame. After nearly blowing a game against one of the worst (if not the worst) FBS programs of this season (plus the unveiling of Jimmy Clausen's modern take on Flock of Seagulls), it's really only fitting that we devote more time to this.