Wednesday, September 3

Week 1 Big 12 recap

Baylor - The Bears saved the ACC from complete and utter humiliation, refusing to upset Atlantic division contender Wake Forest. In fact, they really got blown out here, and given how bad the Deacon offenses is that's a bad sign. Robert Griffin was the leading rusher with 29, passer with 125, and scorer with one TD. Yeah...

Colorado - Offense has returned to Boulder as Colorado rang up 38 points on interstate rival Colorado State. The Rams are a pitiful team but these rivalry games have been extremely close the last four years, making the 21 point cushion a little more impressive. Cody Hawkins has matured a lot entering his second season at the helm and freshman recruit Darrell Scott has the markings of an elite runningback. The secondary has to be concerned about allowing CSU to complete 73% of their passes; however, the Rams threw a lot of screens and bubble screens which inflates that.

Kansas - The Jayhawks defense turned in a fantastic performance, allowing just 139 total yards and a field goal by the defense. Special teams did allow a PR TD but made up for it with one of their own. Overall, about what you'd expect.

Kansas State - Josh Freeman looked strong and the Cats established some sort of running game. -2 net turnovers would be cause for concern against better opposition.

Iowa State - The Cyclones got into an ugly game in which yardage was about equal but turnovers were 6-3 in their favor. This wasn't an impressive outing and we can expect them to occupy the Big 12 North cellar once again.

Missouri - Whether Jeremy Maclin plays against Southeast Missouri State doesn't matter; the good news is that he's not lost for the season. Missouri's entire offense and special teams units looked great and the defensive performance for 2.5 quarters would be good enough for them to contend for the conference title. Key word contend. However, the overall performance for the last 18 minutes of the game was incredibly poor and it's that kind of effort that's going to result in a comeback by any one of these Big 12 teams with solid quarterbacks.

Nebraska - Joe Ganz completed a low percentage of his throws (given the opposition) and Marlon Lucky was held in check throughout the game. The defense did not do a good job defending the Western Michigan passing game, which is a horrible sign as the Big 12 schedule rolls around.

Oklahoma - It was really what we'd expect given the matchup.

Oklahoma State - OSU came out with a balanced attack and Zac Robinson looked good even without his two biggest weapons from last season. This was an all-around dominant effort against Washington State in Seattle, which is a strong start to the season for this team.

Texas - The Longhorns played like a real finesse team, rushing a mere 46 times for 232 yards. Yeah, I didn't get why ol' Schnelly chose that line of attack. McCoy looked more the way he did as a freshman, and the verdict on the secondary is still out. (big yardage, but less than 50% completions allowed)


Texas Tech - Harrell had an outstanding game and three receivers caught nine passes. The running game was mediocre and the defense left a lot to be desired.