Friday, September 5

Big East Week 2

Everyone says that West Virginia should have played in the National Championship game if they had gone undefeated last year. This year, they have a great chance at going to the BCS again, but their conference lost a lot of star players that could break a game their way. This year, with the exception of West Virginia, each team must get it done as a team... and the cream of the Big East crop have some pretty tough paths to take. Week 2 is one of them.

GAME OF THE WEEK - Cincinnati vs Oklahoma - There's no doubt that Bradford's growth this year is crucial to winning the Big 12 this year, especially with Missouri being just as strong or stronger than last year. Cincinnati is stacked with upperclassmen on the defense, but OU has too much sheer talent. I expect this to be a good game, as long as the Cincinnati corners can stand the vertical onslaught.

Connecticut vs Temple - The Huskies made a surprising run last year in the Big East, and they're a rising power as others in the conference have fallen. But Temple won their first game! The won't go winless this year? Oh wait, they'll just go 1-11.

Louisville vs Tennessee Tech - Who knew that losing your starting QB, star running back, and star wide receiver would make your team suck? Oh yeah... it generally does. It hurts even more when your recruiting is insufficient to reload those crucial positions. I really don't know what to expect out of this game except that I do expect Louisville to win. By how much? not sure.

Pittsburgh vs Buffalo - How the hell does a Big East team with good prospects lose to a MAC team? The same team that unseated West Virginia from their title game hopes last year? Well, it's possible if your team is coached by Dave Wannstadt. And since it's another MAC team coming, we don't know which Pitt team to expect.

Rutgers vs North Carolina - Rutgers faces the team whose game ball was delivered to the wrong stadium last week, and coincidentally won their game against an FCS team. Without Ray Rice, they're struggling to find something positive... but I see another L in their record before the good arrive.

South Florida vs Central Florida - their final warm-up before facing Kansas. Grothe had a heck of a game last week, and this one should be no different. With a good completion percentage (75%) and 2 TDs (no INTs), he seems to be on pace to do the same thing he did last year. UCF wasn't so bad last week either, but only pulled off 17 points against a weak SC State.

Syracuse vs Akron - If the Orange don't win this one, expect Robinson to be gone before the end of the season.

West Virginia vs East Carolina - So ECU won against Va Tech. And that's Va Tech without Tyrod Taylor... and they Beamer-balled the Hokies to win it. Even though Devine is no Slaton, Pat White is much more dangerous than Glennon and will tear them to shreds. Too easy for last year's Big East champions.